Group leader resources

So, you've agreed to become a Home Group what? We want to help you succeed in your role as a Group leader! Here's a bit of encouragement in a few different areas that you'll become accustomed to in your new role! 

Child care

Finding child care for your Home Group can be tough. Because we want to give you flexibility to determine the best time to meet, we don't provide child care for you. Click HERE to find some tips that have been successful over the years in our Groups Ministry. 


While our highest priority for Home Groups is to consistently gather to study the Word, it's also important to establish a connection outside of your normal study time. We encourage you to find time to meet for fun and to serve at least once per season. You can find some suggestions by clicking HERE


Every Group meeting should begin and end with a time of prayer. We believe that this is a simple way to bring focus as your Group begins and also serves as a way to build trust as you close with prayer requests. Even though prayer may seem simple, it's often something that takes people out of their comfort zones. Click HERE for a few suggestions on how to incorporate different ways to pray with and for one another. 


What would a Home Group be without food? Well, we think it wouldn't be very fun, that's why we encourage integrating snacks at every meeting. These snacks can be as elaborate or rudimentary as you desire; we just suggest talking this through with your Group ahead of time so that everyone is aligned in their expectations about snacks at Group.