Bible Boot Camp

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Bible Boot Camp

Bible Boot Camp is a self-paced, online walk-through-the-Bible in a chronological way that helps you understand the major storyline of the Scriptures. Bible Boot Camp will help you learn how to actually study the Bible as you learn what each book of the Bible is all about. You will have an online instructor who will help you to stay focused on your study, answer any questions, and encourage you to complete your Boot Camp experience.

Bible Boot Camp is divided into 36 Modules. Along the way, there are “basic training” exercises in order to show you how to study the Bible. You may work as quickly as you would like, or, you can take your time, but you must keep up with the overall Boot Camp checkpoints. You must hit the checkpoints in order to maintain your online status and remain in the class. Bible Boot Camp is a self-paced, totally online course; however, we want you to think of it as a semester-long course. In the end, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Click here for a list of the Bible Boot Camp Modules and the Benchmark Timeline.


Class size is limited to 50 participants.