05.26.23 - 06.30.23

Hope for the Journey Conference

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Hope for the Journey Conference

The Foster Care & Adoption Ministry is sponsoring the Hope for the Journey Conference (Digital Pass)

Show Hope’s third annual Hope for the Journey Conference. Like previous Hope for the Journey Conferences, this year’s content will dive into the principles of Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI®) and connect this care model to the gospel of Jesus Christ that has guided the work of Show Hope for 20 years. Through practical, accessible teaching and insight coupled with personal perspectives, Show Hope believes you will find the resources and hope you need to continue to journey well as a foster family, adoptive family, OR a family that supports vulnerable children and families!

We are offering 30 digital passes for this conference. This digital pass will provide full streaming access and resources for the conference experience.

Viewing access ends June 30!

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