01.21.21 - 04.22.21

Winter Soul Care Groups and Classes

Please check all offerings below for dates and times.

Winter Soul Care Groups and Classes

2021  Winter Soul Care offerings:


Becoming A King (Men)
February 1–March 15
Mondays 6:30–8:30pm

Are you the kind of man – the kind of king – to whom God can entrust His kingdom? Join us to discover the God-given desires of the masculine heart, as we explore how to become the kind of men who love the people in our lives well and wield our power for good and honorable purposes.
Cost: $10 study guide


The Journey Continues (Adults)
February 4–April 22 (Ending date will be April 29 if the group opts to observe Spring Break)
Thursdays 6:30–8:30pm

Need to understand yourself better? Join this group to gain perspective as you reflect on past life events with integrity, own your current pain and strategies for coping, explore beliefs about your sexuality, and embrace new freedom and hope in your relationships. Your prior participation in The Journey Begins is required to register for this group.
Cost of Materials: $40 manual


Insight Into Perfectionism
February 28-March 14
Sundays 9:05-10:25am

Do you struggle with perfectionism? Want to help those who do? This short course provides an understanding of perfectionism and ways to grow through it using spiritual tools and other resources. 
Cost of Materials: None 


Truths to Transform Your Marriage (Couples)
April 11–May 16
Sundays 9:05-10:25am

Is your experience of marriage negative? It could be that it is built on faulty beliefs. This practical class will examine and challenge the ten most common lies couples believe. Your marriage can be transformed by exchanging God’s truth for these commonly held false beliefs about marriage and marriage partners.
Cost of Materials: None

Insight Into Burnout (Adults)
April 18-May 2
Sundays 11am-12:20pm

Are you on the verge of burnout? This short course will help you assess your risk of burnout and present ways to avoid it using spiritual tools and resources. 
Cost of Materials: None



To register for any of these classes, email Mary Kay Jones at with the name of your group, class, or event of interest.

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All Soul Care small group experiences are safe, supportive, and confidential environments. They require a high level of commitment and participation.