01.24.23 - 02.25.23

Heart of Worship Women's Conference

February 25, 2023

Heart of Worship Women's Conference

Heart of Worship 
Women's Conference

Saturday, February 25, 2023
Doors open at 8:30am

Many of us attend a worship service once a week on Sundays. But what does it look like to be a woman of daily worship? What does a true heart of worship look like? And how does worship reflect our love and understanding of God? We will explore all these questions and more at our women's conference!

  • Worship and the main session led by Liz McClintic
  • Worship sessions will also be led by Tricia Jones and Austin Johnson.  
  • Breakout sessions with great teaching will help us develop a heart of worship
  • Goody bags with fun surprises
  • Great food is included in the ticket price
  • Cute shirts for sale!

You will not want to miss this incredible day of Worship to our holy, amazing God!

Early Bird Pricing: $35
After January 25: $40

Upon registration, you will be asked to select the four breakout sessions that you are most likely to attend. This is not set in stone (you can change your mind the day of the conference) but having a general idea will help us a lot with planning! Please read through the following topics and descriptions, so you are prepared at registration!

Lifestyle of Worship

Led by: Beth Summitt

What if worship wasn’t limited to just singing hymns, praying, or any other specific “religious” act? What if worship could be part of every aspect of our life and daily living? In this breakout session, we will discuss practical applications from scripture on how our whole life can be an act of worship. We will study some Old and New Testament references describing what worship is and what it isn’t. We will leave with a better understanding of the true worship God desires that is real and not routine, authentic and not superficial.   

Worship Through the Word

Led by: Matt Pineda

If you open your Bible App while sitting on the couch, can you have a meaningful worship experience? The answer is yes! Anytime you read the Bible, you can worship...but it's all about your approach. This workshop will help you with ways to experience God and worship him as you read your Bible. 

Expressions of Worship

Led by: Christy Brink

Worship. Praise. Glorify. Lament. Hallelujah. Hands in the air. People on their knees…

We use certain words or worship in certain ways. But what does it all mean? What’s the difference between praise and worship? Why do we worship like we do? And how do these expressions of worship overflow into our daily lives? This is a great breakout if you want an overview of Biblical worship and if you want a clearer understanding of daily expressions of worship!

Made To Worship

Led by: Maggie Corthell

Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty. He is worthy of our worship and praise. We were made to worship and to bring glory to God with our lives. God´s Word declares His glory and our responsibility as believers to proclaim His goodness, grace, and mercy wherever we are. We are Christ's ambassadors and during this time together we will look at how we can share the Good News of God's mercy, grace, and salvation with others through our worship and our daily lives.  

The Power of Worshipping Through Music

Led by: Kelli Sponsel

Music is a gift and blessing God has given us. From Genesis to Revelation, God enlists musicians to work on His behalf. He uses music to call people to worship and to send them to war, to soothe emotions and to ignite passion, to celebrate victories and to mourn losses. The Apostle Paul said in Ephesians “….sing and make music with your hearts attuned to God.” Music can awaken the soul, lift your spirits and help you to surpass the storm. Join this breakout to discover the importance of music when it comes to worship!

More Than Words

Led by: Leigh Lawson

In this workshop, we will discover what authentic worship of our Lord should be. We will then apply these fundamental worship practices to an intimate act of worship through journaling. Through journaling our worship of God to God, we will begin drawing nearer to Him and grow stronger in our faith. 

Is my prayer going to make a difference? The short answer: YES

Led by: Jennifer McCarty

We are not meant to hold the weight, worries, or chaos of the world. Prayer puts these back on the One who actually can, will, and wants to bear the weight. Come learn a simple way to meditate on scripture and pray it back to God. You will leave with a new passion to talk with Jesus and see how our prayer lives can be beautiful acts of worship.

Worshipping Through Grief and Loss

Led by: Lisa Franklin and Joanna Bloss

Not acknowledging or shying away from our feelings, especially grief, loss, sadness, or disappointment can make us feel like we’re doing something wrong spiritually. We all experience grief and loss, big and small, and in different ways because we live in a fallen and broken world. In this break-out, we will help you reframe grief as an act of worship. We will take you through a Lectio Divina exercise and walk you through ways to heal and transform your grief into an overflow of love and worship.

Jehoshaphat and an Army of Worship

Led by: Christy Brink

Sometimes the enemies and trials in our life can make it difficult to worship. How are we expected to worship when it seems like the cards are stacked against us? In this breakout session, we will dive into the story of Jehoshaphat found in 2 Chronicles 20. How can we take this story and apply it to our lives? What does it teach us about going into the battles of life? And how does it point to a life of worship? We’ll discuss all of these topics and more as we explore this Old Testament story that holds a lot of modern-day applications.

Worship with your Gifts and Talents

Led by: Karen Berlin

We all have gifts and talents that shape our hobbies: crafting, cooking, baking, playing sports, music, etc. Some have already taken the step to use these gifts in service to others, but have you ever thought of using your “hobbies” as an act of worshipping the creator who gave you those gifts? In this workshop, we will explore how service can be worship, and search for new or unique ways to use your talents in ways that are pleasing to Him. 

Renewing, Refreshing and Refueling Our Spirits through Worship

Led by: Tracy Gable

Something happens when we sing our Savior's praise. The Bible says that it refreshes and refuels our spirits. God blesses us when we worship Him in song. There is something wonderfully satisfying about praising God. During this interactive workshop, we will explore how worship songs can renew our minds, refresh our spirits, and refuel our passion for Jesus. 

Worshipping in the “Mundane” Moments of Life

Led by: Liz McClintic

We cannot rely on the worship leader on Sunday morning for three songs to check the box of worship. It is a lifestyle of loving Jesus. And there are so many practicals when you are alone in your house doing the day-to-day mundane things. In this hour especially, as followers of Jesus, we have to know how to meet with Jesus. We have to know how to enter into his presence and live from that place…even if we’re washing dishes, raising toddlers, running errands, or showing up every day to our office job. So often we rely on other people to take us to the throne, preachers/teachers/ministers/podcasts/Spotify music when what Jesus purchased for me on the cross was access to the Father; He sent the Spirit to live in me! We have to understand and live in his presence. This breakout will help bring understanding and ultimately stir hunger for the secret place and the presence of the Lord!

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