impacto latino | pachuca, mexico

Impacto Latino’s purpose is to help proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Latin America. Impacto Latino accomplishes this purpose by planting worshipping churches that are committed to evangelizing and disciple their communities.

proem ministries | zakosciele, poland

ProEm Ministries was founded in Warsaw, Poland in 1990.  ProEm exists to plant churches and engage the community by providing summer and sports camps for children throughout Poland. For well over a decade Mount Pleasant has been sending mission teams every year to help with ProEm’s summer camps. We have also supported the establishment of a school, and the planting of two churches: one in Lodz, Poland, and one in Tomaszow, Poland.

tcm (taking christ to millions by training christians for ministry) | Vienna, austria

TCM International Institute develops disciple makers through graduate Christian leadership education to make a global impact by more effectively influencing their churches, cultures, and countries for Christ. TCM strives to prepare nationals to serve their own people, through teaching and seminary classes. We have supported two TCM church plants: one in Estonia, and one in the Czech Republic. We also support an orphanage in Romania and provide scholarships for preacher training.

cas (Christian arabic services) | Egypt

Christian Arabic Services supports  Christian ministry services in Arabic-speaking countries. They also provide education, benevolence, and evangelism to the people of Egypt. Mount Pleasant has partnered with CAS to help plant a church in the Nile Delta. We also provide scholarships at their training center and fund various special projects. 

cicm (Central india christian mission) | india

Since the inception of this ministry, CICM has grown in multiple ways, and ministers greatly to the people of India. CICM has currently planted over 1400 churches throughout India. They also take an extremely active role in training the leaders of those churches, through two bible academies and one bible training center. CICM also has a literature ministry that equips students and church planters with textbooks, commentaries, preacher’s manuals, and VBS curriculum in a language that the church planters can understand. CICM has an orphanage and a children’s ministry that provides for more than 600 orphans and at-risk children. They also minister to over 200 children through a weekly food distribution program.

international conference on missions

The International Conference on Missions (ICOM) is a yearly conference bringing together missionaries and mission organizations from all over the world for a week of inspiring messages, ministry encouragement, and global ministry awareness.

pioneer bible translators

Pioneer Bible Translators, Dallas, Texas, bridges the gap between the church and the Bibleless peoples around the world. PBT is composed of Bible translators, literacy evangelists, church planters and a variety of support personnel working to see transformed lives through God's Word in every language. They are serving 38 million people in 73 language projects in 17 countries.


New Pines is an evangelistic church and seminary located throughout the country of Cuba. The church is focused on making a social and cultural impact by serving its community. While the seminary is focused on training up leaders and church planters to start new churches all over the island.