Ukraine Response

March 17, 2022

Church family,

We are all very aware by now of the serious humanitarian and refugee crisis that the war in Ukraine is creating. Stories and images are heart-wrenching to say the least. We have two Mission Partner Organizations that are on the ground and heavily involved in real time response. As a church, we will be responding, but we also wanted to provide you with some information as you prayerfully consider practical ways to help.

Our mission partner ProEm is located in Zakosciele, Poland just an hour from the Ukraine border. For well over a decade MPCC has been sending mission teams every year to help with ProEm’s summer camps. We have also supported the establishment of a school, and the planting of two churches. Currently, Proem has turned all its efforts to help the refugees. Watch this video from Maui, the founder and Executive Director of Proem. If you would like to give financially to support Proem’s response, click here

Our mission partner TCM (Taking Christ to Millions) is an International Institute that develops disciple-makers through graduate Christian leadership education. They are headquartered in Vienna, Austria; however, they have many students and team members all over Europe. We have supported TCM church plants, orphanages and scholarship funds for students. TCM has done a great job creating an information page on their website that provides details of their response efforts with videos, a statement from their President, Tony Twist, and a way to give financially. Visit that page HERE.

I invite you to read Psalm 46 with me. Here’s how I am praying… “God, I acknowledge your sovereignty in this world that you love and created. I also acknowledge how difficult it is to understand so many of the circumstances happening in it and the effect on the people that you love and created. I submit my heart and mind to you and your plan and ask that you would show your mercy and deliver those in harm’s way from the darkness and evils of this world. Please pierce the hearts of all involved to respond by looking to you and turning to you. We know that this natural life we live is temporary and fleeting, but while we live on this earth, we do call it home. We ask that those being displaced from their homes would find refuge in the natural, but ultimately take refuge in you!” 

Please let me know if you have any questions about this information.

Missions and Outreach Director