Please note: you do not need to register for a service that you are serving in but not attending. Please only register for a service when you are worshipping with us in the Worship Center.



Frequently Asked Questions


Will I receive a ticket once I RSVP?
You will receive a confirmation email once you have completed the RSVP form which we will ask to see as you enter the building. You can print the confirmation email or show it to us on your mobile device. 


What should I do if I need to cancel or change my RSVP after it has been submitted?
If you are no longer able to attend the service you have RSVP'd for, or if you have accidentally submitted multiple times, please email with your updates. Please specify the total number of people that need to be updated and for which area, i.e., Worship Center, Middle School Ministry, Children's Ministry. 


What about first-time guests who don’t know they need to RSVP?

When someone doesn’t have an RSVP, the first question we ask is, “Is this your first time to worship at Mount Pleasant?” If the answer is yes, we will direct or escort them to Guest Connections where they will receive a warm welcome and will be escorted into the worship service. If you have invited a guest or guests to worship with you for the first time, we recommend adding them to your own RSVP as we are still only checking for the number of people attached to the confirmation. We also encourage you to bring them by Guest Connections before or after service so we can give them a personal welcome.


I missed the deadline to register…can I just show up?
If you have forgotten to RSVP you can worship with us in the Chapel as space allows. If we have reached our capacity limits in the Chapel, we will ask you to worship with us at a different service or join us online.


Can I register my entire family? What about a friend I have invited to worship with me?
Yes! You are able to register multiple people at once and we only need contact information for one person per registration.


How many people are allowed to register for each worship service?
To allow for proper social distancing, each service is capped at 350 on the RSVP system.


How will I know if a service is full?
Once you click into the RSVP system, each service has a running tally of how many seats are available at that time.


How long will the RSVP system be in place?
There is no timeline on how long the RSVP system will be in place. As long as social distancing guidelines are in place, we will ask that you RSVP in advance for worship.