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Pray for Raewyn (Category: Health and Healing)

Prayers needed

I am asking for prayers

My heart is heavy, I’m tired of living the way we do, barely surviving, but most of all it is because of me. My husband works so hard to provide for us and we still struggle every day just to pay bills and to survive. So I started a new medication today (that my family was totally against) to try to get well enough to return to work. I know family did not want me to start this medicine because there’s major side effects, and it come with a cost to my body. One of them is if was to get Covid, I could die from it.

The previous medication I was on was an injection every week that depleted my immune system. However, if I got sick, I would just stop taking the medication so my immune system can kick back in, and heal, and then I would start taking it again. As of late the medication has not been working and I have not been able to work due to being in constant pain from a autoimmune disease I have.

The new medication is two separate infusions in two week and the medication stays I my body for 6 months so I can’t just stop the medication if I get sick. It wipes out my immune system for 6 months. So my doctor put me on another medication that is to prevent me from getting Covid. It takes about 2 to 3 months to get results after the initial infusion. I am in constant pain on a daily basis. I’m just so tired daily. I spend 2 to 3 days a week sitting with my mom that has late stage Alzheimer’s just to help her deal with things which takes me away from my home in my family. There is so much more. Everyone tells me to have faith, God will provide, or if they’re not Christian say say I’m sending you good vibes. It’s hard because I just don’t think people realize unless you’ve gone through what we’re going through how hard it really is.

I really just need my friends to pray for me and that God will keep my life in one peace. I know this is a lot and I’m sorry I just need prayer. Please pray. Thank you friends.

Received: December 1, 2022


Pray for FAMILY (Category: Salvation)

Answered Prayer. In regard to an ongoing prayer request for my family. There was a major step in the right direction today with my daughter. We are meeting with a Christian Counselor trained by Focus on the Family tomorrow. Requesting prayer again for tomorrow's counseling session. I am extremely hopeful and full of joy right now.

Received: November 30, 2022

Anita Glaze

Pray for Kathy Boone (Category: Cancer)

I continue to ask for prayer for my friend, Kathy. Her surgery from

last Monday on her bronchial tube has came back as cancerous.

The next thing the Dr. will do is do a colonoscopy to see if the mass there is also cancer, which the Dr. has already said it is “probably” is

Cancerous as well.

As I have mention before, in the earlier of 2022, she had given her heart to the Lord. Which in itself is an answer to prayer… I only pray that God will heal her, not only to be healed, but for her family to see God at work as well.

Thank you kindly,

Anita Glaze

Received: November 25, 2022


Pray for Gene Melissa & Meagan Kennedy (Category: Health and Healing)

Please pray for my husband Gene & his adult daughters Melissa & Meagan that the Lord send a miracle into their relationship now & that God grant them repentance leading to knowledge of the truth & they may come to their senses according to Timothy 2:24.

Received: November 21, 2022


Pray for My husband (Category: Health and Healing)

Please pray for my husband that he may overcome his anxiety, depression and nervous. Continue to pray for healing and peace. Thank you

Received: November 21, 2022

Anita Glaze

Pray for Kathy B. (Category: Surgery)

Asking for prayer for a dear friend of mine. We worked together at AT&T

for over 30 years.

Kathy will be having surgery at 2:00pm for a mass that appeared on her bronchial tube. The Dr’s don’t know what they will do, as of yet. Not until they get in there to see if it can be removed or just take a small piece for to be tested for cancer.

Kathy also has a spot on her colon. Twenty years ago, Kathy was diagnosed with a very painful colon cancer. But it looks like it has recently returned.

Kathy is a “New” Christian and needs prayer, not only for healing, but also for her continued Faith. I’ve been able to pray with her, but of coarse she needs prayer for strength.

Thank you so much!

Received: November 20, 2022

I prayed for this

Prayed for 2 times.


Pray for Baby Lincoln (Category: Health and Healing)

Please pray for Baby Lincoln, born 11-19-22 at 28 weeks. Mom needed C-section after being hospitalized for two weeks on bed rest due to severe pre-eclampsia. Baby is struggling with low oxygen levels. Also please pray for doctors, nurses and staff at Community Hospital North NICU. Thank you.

Received: November 20, 2022

Joyce Long

Pray for Ruth Fortner (Category: Health and Healing)

My soon-to-be 100 year old Aunt Ruth, who's rehabbing in a facility, was just diagnosed with Covid. Please pray for her recovery. She has been vaccinated and the facility is seeking to put her on a 10-day medicine protocol. Her birthday is December 7. My cousin asks for fervent prayer on her behalf. Thank you so much!

Also our daughter who lives oversees is quite sick either with the flu or with Covid so hold her close in prayer, too. We so appreciate your love and concern.

Received: November 19, 2022

Impact Center Members

Pray for Impact Center Members (Category: Other)

Anonymous – Prayers for the country and world. Thank God for every day. Thank you, Lord, for family and friends. Corbin, Mary, for all who are struggling, for the Army. I’m a partner of an addict and its so hard to watch. I also can’t walk away. I just need prayers that he can get through this. It hurts my heart; For my sons. James Harrison and Claudious Land. I’m very blessed to be here and I appreciate all the love I’m receiving. Pray for all those who suffer from addiction and mental health. God bless. Por la familia Garcia y mi mama que cumplio anos el 7 de novembre. (For the Garcia Family and my mom who had her birthday on the 7th of November). Please pray for the healing of the Nation and to bring us back to God. Oremos la famila Blondell. Rolando Guitan por una operacion (Let’s pray for the Blondell family. Rolando Guitan for an operation). I would like to pray for my brother’s speedy recovery. He was admitted tonight in Bedford at IU. Please let him get better soon. Thank you for praying for him. Prayer for the whole Howell family. Toni, depression, needs to get a job. My prayer- for a homeless friend Dave. He faces problems drinking and past family problems. He just can’t settle down anywhere. Please Lord watch over him. Amen; Prayers for my best friend who lost her mother; I pray to be reunited with my kids, Harper and Benny. Their dad ran off with them a year ago. Reyes and Harvey families and friends. Prayers for peace and to get a place to call home. Please keep our family in your prayers. We’ve hit a rough spot, asking for God’s blessing and healing though. Thank you. May God bless you all. Still need prayer for my 2 sons, Curt and Stevan-Major health issues. Thank you so much for all you do for us. Lord bless. Help Cruz Glores get a godly attitude. Reach out to him and help him choose good friends. He is 15. My health aortic aneurysm in legs, can’t hear stomach problems my son and his girlfriend, my grandson (4years old) who I never get to see. Thanks to the Lord, the GREAT I AM. Prayers for our children-their guidance, protection and them to have a personal relationship with God. My son John Sam Otz, 5 years old, My son Lian Pi, 15 years old; finances and family. Dear Lord, please help my father who is 94 years of age. Bless him, my husband, and my self with good health. Please Lord bless my family-my sister and her children and grandchildren. Lord and my nephew and his children and grandchild. Amen. Pray for my children-Joshua, Rhonda, Kelli Jo and a wonderful friend, Mike, and myself, Tina. Thank you. Please pray for Katy who is battling breast cancer; Emotional health, job. Help me recover from the flu. Also help my husband who is on the side of the road fixing my flat tire. Thank you. Pray for my mom, Cawn Thlui, she had shock, now she is living in health care. Thank you. May God bless you all. Financial peace and provision, and new commissions, and contentment; Prayers for son George, all people at Brookhaven, especially Kathy, needs recovery. Came through heart valve repair and pacemaker. Prayers answered! Sherry is really sick.

Robin Bewley-please remember my husband Greg Belwey, has throat cancer and has to go in for surgery to open throat.

Tina Bledsoe-Today please pray for Grandma Robie, her cancer is back, and she is not responding to chemo. Lord God comfort her. Let her not be in pain. Thank you as always.

Janet Bingham-surgery today on both knees

Kim Moore-Prayers for my son, Joshua Richman-Drug problems, Steven Garcia-Health issues

Wanda Hoskins-Please pray for me and my family. My son needs all the prayers he can get. He is out there on drugs and living homeless and he doesn’t have to. My heart is in my neck so much worries over him. So please keep us in your prayers.

Christina Herring-Please continue to pray for my son Quinton Herring and my best friend Tammy Goode (no changes yet). Thank you.

Donna Taylor-My friend just like a mother to me is in the hospital and wants you to pray for her and her family.

Robert R Pedry- Please pray for me and my family. Pray for all of the Veteran’s and their families & pray for all of the people around the world that need prayer & God in their life. God bless.

Kenny-My family

Leslie-please pray for my husband’s job. He has not had a raise for 10 years. We can’t pay all our bills. We have cut out everything we can. But there is nothing else to do. Thank you.

Sandy-Please pray for my daughter in law, Sheila. This past week her nephew had a heart attacked and passed in their home. I also want to pray for the homeless, Veterans. There are so many. And I want to pray for my family, and I want to thank all of you. For the things you do for us. God bless each and every one of you.

Received: November 15, 2022

Impact Center Members

Pray for Impact Center Members (Category: Other)

Anonymous – Thank you for praying for me- I got a job, however, pray I can do it (computer). Thank you, God, for the IMPACT and what they do for us. God bless. Please pray for our brother-in-law, Bob Murphy, health issues and recent widower. I would like to pray that our new renovation goes well. Thank you. Allow me to flourish in my current position and help students as a whole. May God show me the way. May He teach me to accept what He has given me. May He protect my children (Clinton, Derrick, and Jonathan). Please pray for my husband, children, stepdad and other family members. Thank you. For the lunch ladies in my school and everything that God has done. Please pray for a sister who has terminal cancer. She lives in Mexico and my sons, Marco and Brian. God bless you. Pray for Huai-pregnant currently, going to give birth in December (to give birth well and have a son). Prayers for Chris Campbell, after two years fighting and healing from esophageal cancer, he is now battling leukemia. He is a good person, and he deserves to heal and enjoy life. Prayers up please for Mark Willock, suffering from a lower leg flesh injury that doesn’t want to heal. Thank you; Grandson, James; Thomas, Brandy, Alannna, Gage, Eli, Jovan, Donavan, Jamie, Shay. Gianna. Prayer for financial relief. We are a disabled family with a lot of bills due. We are in a custody case with 2 of my grandbabies I’ve had since birth now 7 on 3/3 and 4 on 11/8) we continue to tray and pay to make ends meet, for all nonbelievers to come to the Lord. My daughter Elizabeth for eczema. Thank you. Pray that I get out of a very toxic situation soon. Pray for Dorothy, sis, Marcos, Faustino, Mirta. Say a prayer for Kristina, my granddaughter, keep drugs away and turn life around for her for her 1st then rest of family and kids and all. Pray for my 2 sons, Curt and Steve, major health issues. Pray for protection and strength for Rashinne Tamika Davenport. Please pray for provision and resilience for me and my kids in Uganda. Also for Lily, Micah, Evie, and Ellie, while they travel. Pray for all of our church family and the people at the IMPACT center. Pray for Bruce and losing his young wife. Pray for Stacia and all the family drama and proper decision making. I pray for peace and prosperity. Tierra, Anyah, Makerios and Adian. Megan’s mental health, moms O2 levels, keep me seizure free. Prayers for son, George, prayers for all at Brookhaven, prayers answered for Kathy Bailey, she is home. Dear God, please heal me from my own addiction. Thank you. For my kids, to learn how to pray. Blessed them who think of their neighbor because they will be blessed by their candor and highly blessed. God bless you (Bienaventurados los piensan en su projimo porque ellos serán sucandor y altamente bendbendicidos. Dios or bengida). Hello, I would really like you to pray for my family for our physical and spiritual health. For my mom and my brothers. Because God helps our needs every day. And the main thing I thank my Heavenly Father because he allows us to all be together like family and for all his blessings (Hola me gustaria mucho que oran por mi familia por nuestra salud fisica e inspiritual. Por mi mama y mis hermaons. Por que dios socorra cada dia nuestras necesidad. Y en principal agradezco ami padre cesestial estemos todos como family y por todas sus bendiciones)

Jennifer Bollman Wolfe- Dear Lord, I pray for strength and guidance through this stage for my life.

Christine-Well, my boyfriends wallet was stolen yesterday after he cashed his check so now things are hard. My electric is on disconnect. They will be shut off soon. Financially struggling could use a prayer.

Stacy-Pray for my uncle Johnny because he’s having health issues. Pray for me with health issues because of blood clots. Thanks.

Lun-I have a kidney problem. Please pray for me.

Ken-Our family has been through so much this past year. Please pray that we can continue to move forward.

Leslie-my cousin passed away on Monday, she was 47 years old. Pray for my health, I’m having breathing problems.

Annie-please pray for my divided family

Talia-Please pray for my mother-in-law in getting better. Her name is Leslie. Also please pray for all our financial problems. Also, finding a house for our family. Thank you. God bless.

Received: November 10, 2022

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