One Life

One of our Core Four strategies at MPCC is Spiritual Influence, which simply means that we accept that the command to go and make disciples applies to each and every believer. We want to help equip you to share the love and life-changing message of Christ through our One Life Initiative.

A one life is someone who does not identify themselves as a Christ-follower and is someone with whom you already have a relationship and a sense that God is wanting you to connect with them more intentionally. 

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One Life Prayer Team

Prayer is an essential element to the One Life initiative. If you are interested in joining the One Life Prayer team or have questions about our One Life prayer room, please contact Christy Brink at or click HERE to signup. 

One Life Training

The One Life training utilizes the 3D1 strategy: develop friendships, discover stories, discern next steps. Each training session will walk you through the 3Ds in a fun and engaging format that allows you to practice what you learn along the way, preparing you to intentionally share your faith with your one life. 


Faith Matters

A class that will address tough questions of faith (Apologetics). Click here for more info.

One Life Prayer Journal 

The One Life prayer journal is a 30-day resource to help you pray for your one life. It is broken up into 10-day sections that each corresponds with one of the 3Ds. There is scripture, prayer, and a place for you to journal as the Holy Spirit directs you. The goal is to have your one life identified by the end of the 30 days.

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One Life Sermon Series

Week 1: A Missionary Life

Week 2: The Unexpected Adventure

Week 3: Insights from Spiritual Seekers

Week 4: Develop Friendships

Week 5: Discover Stories

Week 6: Discern Next Steps