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What’s Next?

Are you ready to take your next, simple steps in getting connected to Mount Pleasant on a deeper level? Check these out! 


Baptism is the expression of our faith in Jesus Christ, out of humble obedience, demonstrating our decision to follow Christ as His disciple. Here at Mount Pleasant, we practice baptism by immersion. Baptism by immersion offers us the perfect picture of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is our belief and faith in Jesus that saves us. If you have not had the opportunity to be baptized by immersion, or if you have any questions about what it means, or even how to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord, please contact Pastor Fred Meadows at to ask any questions and to schedule your baptism in one of our worship services.

Starting Point

Starting Point is our event for those who are newer to our church community and are looking to discover what we believe, our mission and vision, our Core Four strategies, and how to get plugged into the life of Mount Pleasant. You will even have a chance to find out about baptism, how to become a member, meet some of our leaders, and get to know some new friends in the process.

Upcoming Classes:
Sunday, December 4 at 9am in room C301
Sunday, February 5 at 9am in room C301


FAITH Formation

Our Faith Formation track is a set of core discipleship classes that will help every Christian to understand the foundations of faith. We understand that Christianity is more than a religion…it is a relationship with Christ. This ongoing set of classes will encourage you to explore the important truths of the faith and inspire you to receive the valuable knowledge needed to live a life fully devoted to Jesus.

All classes are for three weeks and at 9am in room C102
Was Jesus really God? (Birth, Death, Resurrection), November 6-20
How can I trust the Bible to be true? January 8-22, 2023



Connect With Us

Fred Meadows, Faith Formation Pastor

317.881.6727 Ext. 312