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MPCC’s Soul Care Ministry provides an oasis of hope for times of weariness and brokenness on your journey. We offer a variety of helping relationships and healing communities to help you acquire and display the character of Christ in the midst of the difficulties, problems, or pain in which you find yourself. 

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Seeking A Healing Community?

At the heart of MPCC’s Soul Care Ministry is the belief that healing occurs best in a community of a few trusted and caring for others. All of the Soul Care Ministry’s healing communities are designed to be safe and supportive environments where you can gain new insight and where you are enabled to confront life’s challenges from a Biblical perspective so that you can grow and heal.

Healing Communities 

Seeking A Helping Relationship?

When we are in a season of struggling or suffering, it is not unusual to isolate ourselves from others. However, like the wounded man in the Biblical story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-37), we long for someone to show us the way or to come alongside us, dress our wounds, and give us the generous gift of care. MPCC’s Soul Care Ministry team desires to partner with you on your healing journey.

Helping Relationships 


About Soul Care Pastor Dr. Ken Jones:

Pastor Ken has served at MPCC for eleven years. He has earned graduate degrees in Bible, Ministry, Christian Counseling and Spiritual Formation. In 2013 Ken received his doctorate in Formational Counseling from Ashland Theological Seminary. Ken has an abiding passion to help those who are struggling or in need of spiritual direction.

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2021  Winter Soul Care offerings:

Becoming A Spiritually Healthy Family (Parents)
January 3–February 21
Sundays 9:05–10:25am

Your parenting impacts your child’s spiritual health. If you want to improve your skills or just be proactive, join this class for a look at six unhealthy parenting styles to avoid. You’ll learn each style’s spiritual impact to your child and be given practical tips and hope in your pursuit of your family’s spiritual health.
Cost of Materials: None


Created For Connection (Couples)
January 3–February 28
Sundays 11am–12:20pm

Want to enjoy a secure, loving bond that lasts a lifetime? By mastering seven specific conversations, couples will learn how to handle the raw spots and rocky moments in marriage, how to forgive and rebuild trust and increase emotional and physical intimacy.
Cost of Materials: $20 book


PREPARE-ENRICH (Engaged Couples)
January 11–March 15
Mondays 7–9pm

Getting married in 2021? Start your marriage right by identifying your strengths and growth areas as a couple. Explore important marriage topics such as communication, conflict resolution, finances, sexual expectations and more. Each participant is required to complete an online assessment and purchase a workbook. Ministers and churches are increasingly requiring premarital counseling as part of their marriage and/or building use policies. This group can help you fulfill that requirement.
Cost of Materials: $45/couple • online inventory and two workbooks


Becoming A King (Men)
February 1–March 15
Mondays 6:30–8:30pm

Are you the kind of man – the kind of king – to whom God can entrust His kingdom? Join us to discover the God-given desires of the masculine heart, as we explore how to become the kind of men who love the people in our lives well and wield our power for good and honorable purposes.
Cost: $10 study guide


The Journey Continues (Adults)
February 4–April 22 (Ending date will be April 29 if the group opts to observe Spring Break)
Thursdays 6:30–8:30pm

Need to understand yourself better? Join this group to gain perspective as you reflect on past life events with integrity, own your current pain and strategies for coping, explore beliefs about your sexuality, and embrace new freedom and hope in your relationships. Your prior participation in The Journey Begins is required to register for this group.
Cost of Materials: $40 manual


To register for any of these classes, email Mary Kay Jones at with the name of your group, class, or event of interest.

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All Soul Care small group experiences are safe, supportive, and confidential environments. They require a high level of commitment and participation. 







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