Financial Freedom Ministry

Our mission for the Financial Freedom Ministry is to provide Biblically-based financial resources for our members to become excellent stewards (managers) of God’s money.

Where are you in your relationship with money? Are you living paycheck to paycheck? Or, are you well on your way to fund your retirement? No matter where you are in your stewardship journey, we offer classes, seminars, and coaching to help you become a better manager of the resources God has entrusted to you. 


Dave Ramsey offers classes intended for audiences ranging from teens to those who are in retirement to help you in your journey towards stewardship excellence.

Financial Peace University (FPU)

Check back for upcoming classes.

Legacy Journey

Check back for upcoming classes.

Budget Workshops

We are offering bi-monthly workshops on the “Why” and “How” we plan ahead and keep track, two of Pastor Chris’ keys to effective stewardship. Members of the FFM ministry will provide biblical and practical wisdom that will inspire you to be faithful stewards (asset managers) to plan ahead and keep track so you will be able to “save consistently” and “give habitually” the other two of Pastor Chris’ tenets of stewardship. To help you budget and keep track, we will review three apps that are available for free or a small monthly subscription. Please register for this free two-hour workshop.  All workshops are on Saturday in room C303 from 9–11am.  

No classes are scheduled at this time. 


We are offering financial coaching by Dave Ramsey Master Trained Financial Coaches at no cost to you. Just as you may like some help losing weight or getting stronger, our coaches help you develop a plan to achieve your financial goals. Are you thinking about saving for your child’s college but monthly credit card bills get in the way? Or, are you struggling to leave an inheritance to your grandchildren? In either case, our coaches can come alongside to help.

Our coaches are not investment advisors, financial planners or legal experts. They are not trying to sell you any kind of financial product. They have been specifically trained to discover where you are at in your stewardship journey and give you recommendations on how to get to where you want to go. If your situation requires specific professional expertise, our coaches will recommend qualified local providers.

Get started by calling Don Vandoski at 317.513.5859 and you will be assigned a coach.