ConnectU is our online space to house our Connections Classes that help draw us into a meaningful relationship with Jesus, that spurs us on to deepen our faith experience, and encourage us to get connected to our church as we are called to change the world one life, one family, and one opportunity at a time.

Think of ConnectU as a mini-university setting online. You can now take courses like Bible Boot Camp — a walk-through the Bible in a chronological way that also teaches you how to study the Bible. Other courses like our One Life Training, Faith Matters classes, and various special series will become available as developed. You will have one-to-one engagement with the leader of the course as well as cohort discussions and connections with people in our church across the street and around the world.

Bible Boot Camp 

Bible Boot Camp is a self-paced, walk-through-the-Bible in a chronological way. This intensive course helps familiarize you with the history of Israel and how the coming of the Messiah fits into the plan and salvation of humanity. You will also learn how to study the Bible in an inductive way. This program is developed into six smaller courses and is designed to be a semester in length. Offered twice a year.

January–June 2023


One Life 3D1 Training

Our One Life 3D1 training is now available online. One Life 3D1 training will help you develop your spiritual influence with those who do not identify with Christianity. In essence, this is our comprehensive evangelism training to help you develop friendships with non-Christian people, discover their stories, and discern next steps in leading them to Christ. This class is for all people who call Jesus their Savior and desire to live out the mission of a Christ-follower. 

In One Life 3D1 training you will learn a very natural, practical approach to building relationships and sharing your faith. This 2-hour class is for people who call Jesus their Savior and desire to live out the mission of leading others to a saving relationship with Him.

The One Life Training is being offered online.


Know Your Religion

Know Your Religion is a course that helps you understand Christianity in the context of other major world religions, such as Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism. We will also touch on those religions that are outside orthodox Christian teaching such as Mormonism and Jehovah’s Witnesses. This is a class that will help you understand Jesus’ words, “No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6). In a world of pluralism and syncretism, this online, self-paced course will help you to know a little about other faith groups in order that you might understand your own Christian faith in a deeper way. Offered twice a year.

Know Your Religion will take approximately 10 hours to complete.

Faith Matters Vault

Has anyone asked you questions of the faith and you didn’t have an answer? Do you have spiritual questions that continue to go unanswered? Do you believe in spiritual truth and yet not really know why you believe it? Faith Matters is a three-week intensive class that explores some of the difficult questions of our day. These previously recorded classes are ongoing and you may register at any time. 

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