IMPACT Ministries

Our vision for these ministries is to live, learn, and love.

Live  We believe that God’s method of working His purpose in our lives and the lives of others is for us to live in His community. We seek to be His agency of true Biblical community and a testimony of that community in these different neighborhoods. 

Learn  Not until you enter into a level of intimacy does what we really need come to the surface. At that point, God uses His people and His Word to work on us. When we listen and learn, we find out how God wants to use us. After we learn the needs of others, they will then be open to learning what God says.

Love  True love is not giving someone something. But it is using what we learned to meet a need so that we can show the love of God. God’s love is what we all really need, despite what we might feel at the time. Our mission is to do the above to accomplish bringing people into a true relationship with a loving Father.