As Christians, we’re called to be disciples and make disciples. This command comes from Jesus (Matthew 28:19-20), and while it is as simple as following Him, it is not always easy to live out. In fact, we believe it is difficult on your own. You should never be alone in your quest to follow Jesus. One of the ways we want to help you in your discipleship journey is through Groups.

These groups exist to give people a community to share life with, apply God’s Word, and continually grow in their knowledge of it.

We provide a variety of curriculum options for Groups two times a year (seasons) in winter/spring and again in fall/winter. We take a Thanksgiving and Christmas break as well as a summer break. Even though we have start dates for each season of Groups, we are more than happy to begin Groups any time throughout the year. 


Groups Leaders:

We are looking for volunteers to help us facilitate and manage our Groups. This looks different now in the wake of current events but the truth is this impresses upon us even more so the need for community and relationships. If you’ve ever had a desire to help grow this ministry and IMPACT the lives of those around you please get connected with us! 

Find out more about participating and leading a group, by emailing Amber Clark.


2021 Winter Season: 
January 31-May 8
Register in Guest Connections January 16/17 and 23/24 and online through February 12, 2021. 


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If you're currently in college and would to get connected to a group you can learn more here




Groups Homework Inserts

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Season 2- 2020



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