General Information and Memberships

General Information:

  • Ages 16+ -  All Access

  • Ages 12–15 - All access but must be accompanied by parent or guardian 18+ in the cardio room.

  • Gym and track access with adult supervision. No longer a game room.

Annual Membership Fees:

To start a CLC membership sign up and pay at the CLC control desk during normal business hours. You will receive an ID Badge to scan each time you enter the facility.

  • Family Membership — $200 per family unit that includes up to two legal guardians that are married or single parents with children 22 and younger living in a household with the same address.

  • Individual Membership — $100 (16 years and older)

  • Senior Membership — $40 (60 years and older)

  • Senior Couple Membership — $70 (60 years and older)

    Includes: full access to gym, game room, track, cardio/weight room and most fitness classes 

  • Student Membership — $40 (12–15 years old) Includes: full access to track, basketball courts and game room

  • College Student: May 1–Labor Day — $40

Daily “Drop-In” Passes are available for $5 per individual/per visit (any age).
We accept Silver Sneaker and Renew Active programs.

How do I register for fitness classes requiring an additional fee?

Forms are available at the CLC Control Desk during normal business hours. Payment can be made via cash, check, or credit card. Most fitness classes are included in your CLC membership fee. Classes with an additional charge are highlighted in yellow on the monthly fitness class schedule available at the CLC Control Desk.

Connect With Us

Rick McLeish, CLC Director

317.881.6727 Ext. 288