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Chris Philbeck

What's Your Story?

It’s been a couple of weeks now since the conclusion of our very special “What’s Your Story” campaign, and yet I continue to hear and receive comments about how meaningful it was to so many of you. I can honestly say that I have never been a part of a series that was so genuine and real in its impact. God always moves in powerful ways when we talk about things like dealing with trials or the importance of forgiveness. There are just some topics that will always evoke a lot of emotion. But this series was different. This series seemed to touch everyone on some level. Whether it was taking the time to think about and share your story or listening to the courageous testimonies that were given each week or taking a closer look at the lives that Jesus touched in the gospels, or watching people that you worship with every week stand up on the platform and show how Jesus has changed the story of their life, this series found a way to touch everyone.

One of the biggest challenges that those of us in full-time ministry face is the fact that as soon as one weekend (one sermon or one series) is over, there is a new one just days away. That doesn’t afford us much opportunity to think about the past. I’m currently involved in preparing for a new four-week series called, “The Wise Family” that will look at what the book of Proverbs has to say about family life and living. But I’ll be honest; I really needed a couple of weekend s out of the pulpit to recover from where we have been. That might sound odd but “What’s Your Story” just took a lot out of me. But beyond that, I’m glad I’ve had a couple of weeks to simply reflect on everything that happened—everything that God did. I can’t seem to stop thinking about it. Just this morning I watched the cardboard testimonies one more time. And here’s something that I know for sure. While our “What’s Your Story” campaign may be over, the fact that everyone has a story is still true. And I know that God can work both in and through your story to do great things in your life and the lives of the people you know and love.

So, here’s my encouragement. Embrace your story no matter what it is, give it to God, and just watch what He will do. Perhaps the best thing that came from this entire campaign is we all learned that we’re not alone; we’re not the only one with struggles; we’re not the only one with a past; we’re not the only one with ________. I’m praying that God will use that realization to build a stronger church than we’ve ever known before. You can help that happen if you’re willing to answer this one simple question,“What’s your story?”

Jesus cares,

Pastor Chris