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The Solomon Foundation

I want to take a minute to tell you about my personal involvement and our church’s partnership with a new ministry called The Solomon Foundation (TSF).  The Solomon Foundation is based in Englewood, Colorado, a suburb of Denver.  In December 2010, I was invited to join some other leaders of Independent Christian Church mega-churches for a meeting to talk about the beginning of a new church extension fund. From that time on, God opened doors for my involvement on the Board of Directors of this new extension fund, as well as our church’s involvement as a strategic partner. 

Check out the website for The Solomon

The Solomon Foundation exists to provide financing for churches to help them grow to the next level in their ministry, thanks to the many individuals and churches that invest in one or more of TSF’s savings and investment plans.

What do you need to know about The Solomon Foundation? 

  • TSF began with and will always have the oversight and accountability of two of the most dynamic churches in our “brotherhood” of churches (Crossroads Christian Church in Grand Prairie, TX, and Christ’s Church of the Valley in Peoria, AZ).
  • TSF is committed to core values that are simple, biblical, and inspirational: (1) Honor God, (2) Help people come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, (3) Help investors get a great return on their investments, (4) Help churches get to the next level in their ministry, and (5) Have fun!
  • TSF has a board that consists of some of the most trusted and respected Christian leaders in America.  The board is a unique blend of some of the top pastors in America, along with other gifted leaders with ministry, finance, and business experience.  Check out these board members
  • TSF is committed to providing financing to churches to help them grow and move to the next level in their ministry.  TSF will only make loans to churches and will not make loans to any church that has not submitted a written plan for paying off the loan as expeditiously as possible.
  • TSF offers savings and investment rates that are beyond competitive with other financial organizations.  TSF is actually an industry leader.  Check out the current rates at
  • TSF has a vision to partner with Christ in building the kingdom of God by helping churches get financing to purchase land and build facilities so that more people can come to know Jesus Christ.

I want you to know that I consider it a great privilege to be a member of the Board of Directors of The Solomon Foundation.  And I’m thankful that our church is a strategic partner of a ministry committed to excellent interest and eternal impact.

Jesus cares,

Pastor Chris