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I Will Go

This past weekend we launched our “I Will Go” campaign in each of our weekend services. As I have shared with you in previous blogs and from the pulpit, we are taking a step of faith, beginning in January 2017 and launching a 3rd Sunday Morning service in the Worship Center. Our weekend service schedule will be: Saturday @ 6:00 and Sunday @ 8:45, 10:00 & 11:30. We will no longer have the Video Venue in the Student Ministry Center as we will be using that space for Middle School programming. We’re taking this step of faith for two primary reasons. First, to address the current capacity issue we have on the weekend. I’ve told you in the past, we have run out of room for growth. This is certainly more evident during certain times of the year more than others, but it’s real. This past weekend, we had 1,160 folks in the Worship Center and Chapel (overflow) during the 9:00 service alone. That’s not a number that we can sustain on a week to week basis. And it’s not just our Worship Center space, it’s also our parking. Even with the additional parking spaces we picked up from our “God@Work” campaign a few years ago, we’re out of space for large services. Second, we are taking this step of faith as a part of our renewed commitment to reach lost people. Our church is surrounded by lost and unchurched people. We all have lost and unchurched people in the network of our lives. We need to make sure we don’t lose sight of our most important responsibility as Christians and that is to make disciples.

Our “I Will Go” campaign asks every member/attender to take this step of faith together. We need each person to fill out and return an “I Will Go” card to help us plan for this transition. Here are the four commitments we need:

I will GO and WORSHIP – We need you to commit to one of the four services (I’m sure our 10:00  service will be the most popular but we need folks at 8:45 and 11:30).

I will GO and SERVE – We will need more weekend volunteers with this new initiative.

I will GO and INVITE – We need to create a culture of reaching out and inviting.

I will GO and GIVE – We need everyone to give consistently, faithfully and generously.

As I’ve shared with you in the past, I have struggled for a long time trying to decide what the next step, in terms of continued growth and IMPACT, would look like for Mount Pleasant. I came to the conclusion this past summer that indecision is a decision and it was time to take action. I’m about as adverse to change as anyone you know. But I’m more adverse to not obeying the command of Scripture to make the most of every opportunity. We are making an IMPACT on our community and the world but we can do more. So I’m asking for your help. If you didn’t get one of our “I Will Go” cards this past weekend (we actually ran out of bulletins at the 10:45 service), you can get one at church, you can get one through our Facebook page or you can get one on the MPCC Greenwood app on your smart phone. I’m asking for your help to take a step forward in being a church that is locally focused and globally engaged with an undeniable IMPACT for Christ. Let’s change the world together.

Jesus cares,

Pastor Chris