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Chris Franklin

Culture Shift

As we look ahead and down the road of adding an additional service time in January, there are clearly some hurdles and roadblocks in the path. Two weeks ago we unwrapped the package through the “I will Go” initiative. The need is there for our congregation as a whole to add 300-400 additional volunteers across the board! This number includes children, student, worship, connection, and many other ministry teams. On the surface it would appear that our BIGGEST challenge is to add those volunteers. I would disagree with that thought and say that our biggest challenge is: our current church culture.

Allow me to explain.

The definition of culture is: a way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in a place or organization. Whether you realize it or not, we have a church culture. If parts of that culture do not change, then adding 400 additional volunteers by January 7 is going to be monumental, if not impossible for all the ministry areas in our church. Here’s what I mean: we need to move past the cultural principle that we can only go to one service time per weekend. In multiple conversations with a variety of individuals, I have posed the question, “can you serve?” or “can you serve more?” When the answer comes back no, it’s often accompanied with this response: “I can’t, I don’t want to miss church, or miss the service.” Here’s where the culture shift takes place: you don’t have to! We are blessed with a congregation that will have an additional 3 service times to the one you are serving at. With trimming down the service and transition time between services, we are creating more options to simplify the attend one/serve one culture. I know, trust me as you read those words, it goes against the culture of most of our congregation!

As we talk about being “All In” and passionately championing the way to seek and save the lost, we have to shift our culture. In Children’s ministry we have been talking about the importance of creating a consistent place and a consistent leader for every kid! This isn’t going to happen overnight, but it needs to happen! January is just a few weeks away and our ministries at MPCC don’t have the luxury of time. The new culture that we are looking to create is that of an owner, as opposed to a renter. Owners are invested, committed, and have a major stake in what’s involved. A renter is someone who shows up, can go unnoticed, and stays involved-just enough.

It is extremely difficult to change or modify a group or organization’s culture.  I am confident that it can be done! I’m presenting a major challenge to each one of you. First, will you be part of this culture shift? Second, can you be a champion of this shift with those in your circle of influence? If we answer yes to those two questions, our church would never need another volunteer campaign again!

Chris Franklin, 
Children's Ministry Pastor