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Chris Philbeck

Christmas at Mount Pleasant

Hey Mount Pleasant family, 

Since we are just days away from December, I wanted to give you a couple of reminders. First, if you haven’t already turned in your “Money Talks” Generosity Commitment Card, you can do it this weekend. If you haven’t picked up a card or lost one, you can find them on the shelves by the doors outside the Worship Center. If you weren’t able to be in church to hear my final “Money Talks” message (Let’s Talk about Generosity – November 17/18), then take the time to listen online as I shared a great deal of information about how your generosity makes an IMPACT on thousands upon thousands of people every day both locally and globally. The greatest investment anyone can make is an investment in generosity because it changes you and it changes the world. 

The second reminder I wanted to share is that this weekend we’ll begin a new series called, “Christmas at the Movies.” I’ll be using four familiar Christmas movies to share four challenges that can help all of us experience the best Christmas of our lives. Because of the variety of movies there is something that will appeal to everyone. On week one (December 1/2), we’ll be using the holiday classic, “White Christmas” to talk about the importance of serving others. On week two (December 15/16), we’ll use the movie, “The Family Man” to talk about how to deal with regret. On week three (December 22/23) we’ll use the movie “Elf” to talk about the importance of being joyful. And, finally, during our Christmas Eve services (December 24 – 2, 4, 6 & 11pm), we’ll use the movie “Miracle on 34th Street” to talk about how Christmas is a time to believe in miracles. And don’t forget about our annual Christmas Services that will be happening on December 7 at 7pm, December 8 at 4 and 6pm, and December 9 at 8:45, 10 and 11:30am. Our Children’s Choir will be singing on Friday and Saturday. 

Finally, research shows that non-Christians are more likely to attend a Christmas or Christmas Eve service than any other service, including Easter. That means Christmas is our number 1 opportunity to invite someone to church. Christmas at Mount Pleasant (Christmas at the Movies and our annual Christmas Services) would be a great time to invite your One Life to church. Let’s not miss the opportunity.  

Jesus Cares,
Pastor Chris