At MPCC Preschool we care about:


MPCC curriculum is teacher-created with theme-based units that include age-appropriate activities to encourage spiritual, physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth. All curriculum is designed with an emphasis on individual teaching to each child's learning style and developmental stage, building on his/her personal strengths and interests.

Spiritual Growth

All children are welcome at MPCC Preschool regardless of faith or church affiliation. We know children benefit from learning about God at an early age and learn best through repetition of Bible stories. Each day children will learn about God's creation and experience how God loves and cares for them during their classroom Jesus Time. Three-year olds and older will go to chapel once a week to see their lessons come alive through storytelling, puppets or song.  They will also have a monthly Bible verse to memorize that goes along with their Bible stories.

Physical Growth

A healthy adult body begins early in childhood with ample active play. Our large muscle areas provide great ways to keep your preschooler moving.  Children grow fast, and their bodies need lots of movement and vigorous play to stay strong.  A healthy snack and water each day will help encourage a healthy future.

Social, Emotional and Cognitive Growth

Glitter, glue and goo are a big part of preschool learning.  Fine motor skills are developed through the use of scissors, stickers, finger paint, glue, crayons, play dough and a variety of other messy mediums, and preschoolers LOVE to get messy! The majority of early childhood learning takes place through hands-on activities and play.  Social growth through friendship and caring for others corresponds directly with cognitive growth. There's more to MPCC Preschool than ABC's and 123's!

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