Youth Sports

Winning isn’t everything! You’ve heard this. You know this. And at Mount Pleasant, we believe our children need to learn that winning doesn’t depend upon the final score but upon what is learned throughout the game of life. Our youth leagues strive to teach not only sport fundamentals but to challenge and equip kids with Biblical principles and applications they can apply to everyday life. Age-appropriate devotions and scripture are featured.

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Fall Volleyball
Registration: July 14 – August 15
League Dates: September 2 – October 15

-Division III (Grades 3-4)
-Division II (Grades 5-6)
-Division I (Grades 7-8)

Cost: $55

General Information:
-Practices will begin on September 2. (For the first week of practice, teams that will normally practice on Mondays will practice on Wednesday).
-Games will be played on Wednesday nights, and they will start on September 10.
-Coaches Meeting on Wednesday, August 20 at 6:30pm.
-Closing Program: TBD
-Pictures: TBD



Fall Soccer
Registration: July 7 – August 8
League Dates: August 25 – October 11

Leagues (How old will your child be on July 31, 2014?):
-U5 (4yo)
-U6 (5yo)
-U8 (6-7yo)
-U10 (8-9yo)
-U12 (10-11yo)
-U14 (12-13yo)
-U18 (14-17yo)

-U5 – U8: $65
-U10 – U18: $70

General Information:
-Practices will begin on August 25. (U8/U10 will practice on Mondays or Wednesdays

and U5/U6 will practice on Tuesdays or Thursdays)
-Games will be played on Saturdays, and they will start on September 6.
-Coaches Meeting on Wednesday, August 13 at 6:30pm.
-Closing Program: TBD
-Pictures: TBD

Stop by the CLC to inquire and register today!

If you have any questions, you can contact Brent Richard.



We are starting a new youth league here at MPCC! We will be offering a HS Futsal league!

All participants must be in high school (based on Fall 2014 enrollment).

What is Futsal?
Futsal is a variation of indoor soccer that is played on a basketball court. The
hardwood surface makes for a quick-paced game. It will allow the participant to
work on speed, agility, and foot skills.

Registration: May 5-30 (Registration will close at 5:30pm on May 30.)
Cost: $50

Important Dates:
Coaches Meeting: June 4 (6:30pm)
First Game: June 10
Last Game: July 22

General Information:
-Games only (Tuesday nights)
-Shinguards are mandatory.
-This league will be for incoming freshmen through incoming seniors in high school.
-Due to size and fairness of MPCC leagues, we will not be able to honor team/coach requests due to carpool or other various desires. We will honor sibling team requests.

If you have any questions, email Brent or stop by the CLC today.



Registration begins on May 12, and it will run through the first day of each camp.

Traditional Camps: 8:30am-12:00pm (M-Th); 8:30am-2:00pm (F)
Mini-Camp: 8:45am-11:00am (M-W)
Field Trip Camp: 12:45pm-4:00pm (M-Th)

Participants going into grades 1-6: Soccer, Basketball, Cheerleading, Football
Participants going into grades 3-6: Volleyball, Golf, Lacrosse
Mini-Camp - participants going into pre-K & K
Field Trip Camp - participants going into grades 4-6

Traditional Camps: $50 (Golf: $60)
Mini-Camp: $25
Field Trip Camp: $60

Traditional Camp #1: Lacrosse, Soccer, Basketball - June 16 – 20
Traditional Camp #2: Volleyball, Cheerleading, Golf, Football - June 23 – 27
Mini-Camp: Soccer, Cheerleading, Basketball - June 30 – July 2
Traditional Camp #3: Lacrosse, Soccer, Basketball - July 7 – 11
Traditional Camp #4: Volleyball, Cheerleading, Golf, Football - July 14-18
Field Trip Camp: Putt-Putt, Roller Skating, Bowling, Rascal’s Fun Zone - July 21-24



Summer Youth Baseball

(for participants entering pre-K through 2nd grade)

June 2 - July24

Tee-Ball: Pre-K & K (practices on Tuesday nights)
Coach Pitch: Grades 1 & 2 (practices on Wednesday nights)

Registration: April 14 - May 16
Cost: $55

Important Dates:
May 21: Coaches Meeting (6:30pm in CLC Meeting Room #1)
June 2: Practices begin
June 12: Games begin
July 24: Last day of games

Practice/Game Information:
-During the first week of practices, Coach Pitch league will practice on Monday
and Wednesday, and Tee-Ball league will practice on Tuesday and Thursday.
-Games will be on Thursdays starting on June 12 except for the week of 4th of
July. During the week of 4th of July, games will be played on practice nights
(Tee-Ball games on Tuesday & Coach Pitch games on Wednesday).
-Due to MPCC's Family VBS, we will not have practice or games on July 8-10.

Needed Equipment:
-Baseball GLove
-Baseball Pants (optional)
-Cleats (optional; If they are worn, they must be nonmetal)

If you have any questions or interested in registering, please stop by the CLC
or email Brent Richard.



Sports & Wellness @ MPCC


Welcome to the Sports & Wellness Ministry of Mount Pleasant Christian Church. Our aim is for you to have a ministry that connects people to Christ while you do what you already enjoy doing.


Whether you want a balanced, instructional league for your children or you want to play your favorite sport, our sports and wellness ministry offers many opportunities to get in the game and have fun doing it.


Check out our sports leagues for both kids and adults. Most of our wellness classes are free with nominal fees for child care. At Mount Pleasant we care about you and your family’s physical and spiritual health.



Ministry Contact

Brent Richard

Youth Sports Coordinator

Email / ext. 232