Weekly Fitness Class Schedule

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Fall Boot Camp

Sign up for early morning fall boot camp at the CLC front desk. From beginner to advance this boot camp is for all levels of fitness. Dates are 8/17-9/25, 5:15am to 6:15am on Mon., Wed. and Fridays. For more info email Penny Clayton.


Mid-morning Boot Camp

Register now for mid-morning boot camp at the CLC. Register now through the start of boot camp August 17- September 24.


Personal Training
Get fit now! Work with a personal trainer to set goals and achieve desired results under a professional’s care. All trainers have been certified and volunteer in MPCC’s wellness ministry, teaching at least one weekly group fitness class.

Training Sessions (1 hour each):
1 session = $40 + $25 assessment/consultation fee (1 ½ hours)
6 sessions = $210 ($35 per session; assessment fee waived.)

For more information, contact Penny Clayton. To register, pick up a form at the Community Life Center (CLC)



The Community Life Center has teamed up with the Indiana Parkinson Foundation to bring the CLIMB to our facility. This is a class specifically for people with Parkinson's. For more information please contact Penny Clayton.


Classes at the Community Life Center


Class schedules are on the CLC Facebook page or at the CLC front desk.
Classes are subject to change without notice. Schedules come out once a week.

With the focus on fat burning strength and cardio workout, this
intermediate/advanced workout takes you through a variety of cardio and strength
training exercises to maximize your calorie burn. All equipment is supplied.


Christian Yoga 
This 50-minute class focuses on stretching and strengthening the body through traditional yoga poses paired with Christian devotions. Warm-up poses focus on breathing and preparing the body for work. Work postures are designed to use dynamic tension to build strength and endurance. Flexibility poses elongate and stretch the muscles. Balance work is also emphasized.


Enjoy the ride! And sing along, too! These 60-minute endurance rides (stationary bikes) will have you singing in your seat to popular songs like Eye of the Tiger. Not only that but on this aerobic journey, you can burn as many as 500 calories per ride. Get fit and get motivated while you burn fat and calories and experience everything this class has to offer! Classes are $2 per class. 


Zumba combines high energy with the techniques of dances such as the salsa, merengue, bachata, and the cha-cha in a fun, aerobic setting- all while listening to great Latin and international music! Also participants will learn the basics of stretching, strength training
and body sculpting. No previous dance experience is required. 


Kick Boxing 
Utilizing strikes with hands, legs, feet, elbows and knees; this class is for the beginner to the intermediate. It will build upon flexibility, strength, and a variety of other areas that will make a dramatic change in your life! A fun and fantastic way to lose weight, build self-esteem, endurance, physical and mental toughness—all in a Christian environment.


This class is instructed under low lights and relaxing music. You will focus on core strength,
balance, elongating the muscles and more. These mat exercise classes may include Pilate rings, bosu’s, body bars and your own body resistance. 

Step Circuit
This class combines a cardiovascular workout with toning exercises. Alternate between 4 minute step routines and toning exercises to build your cardiovascular endurance and muscle! 

Step Aerobics 
This class consists of simple movement patterns using a bench. A great cardio workout! 

Strength/Endurance & Stations 
This sixty minute class uses targeted toning and strength exercises to build
muscle and endurance. A great metabolism booster! 

Sassy Saints Toning

This low/impact total body stretching and toning class is geared for the older active adult or those needing low impact exercises. The class consists of a warm- up, stretch, balance and toning exercises for all major muscle groups. All equipment is supplied. 

Sassy Saints Cardio
This low/impact cardio and toning class is geared for the older active adult or those needing low impact exercises. The class consists of a warm- up, stretch, cardio moves all based around a chair to help with balance. All equipment is supplied. 

Pickle Ball
This fun class is a cross between racket ball and tennis. A smaller court, plastic ball and short racket that is a cross between a ping pong paddle and a tennis racket. You will get lots of cardio along with agility exercise. Time will go by quick as you laugh and have fun all while getting a great workout.

A complete body toning class using weights, stability balls, exertubes, body resistance and
more! Strength & Endurance This class will focus on strength with heavier weights and endurance doing multiple exercises for the same muscle group to the point of failure. 

Advanced Core & Cardio
This class is an interval workout that will focus on core and intervals of cardio to blast calories. The core moves are advanced and the cardio can be high impact but both can be modified.




Sports & Wellness @ MPCC


Welcome to the Sports & Wellness Ministry of Mount Pleasant Christian Church. Our aim is for you to have a ministry that connects people to Christ while you do what you already enjoy doing.


Whether you want a balanced, instructional league for your children or you want to play your favorite sport, our sports and wellness ministry offers many opportunities to get in the game and have fun doing it.


Check out our sports leagues for both kids and adults. Most of our wellness classes are free with nominal fees for child care. At Mount Pleasant we care about you and your family’s physical and spiritual health.



Ministry Contact

Penny Clayton
Wellness Coordinator

Email / ext. 238